THINGS vision is to transform innovation in small companies into large-scale value creation through collaboration with corporation.

In this Energy Tech Mission, we’re spot-on.

This time, we are collaborating with Hitachi Energy, a leading global player in the energy industry.

 Now YOU can apply to get an opportunity to work with them.

The win-win

What’s in it for you?

You get an opportunity to scale your solution globally with Hitachi Energy. 

What is Hitachi Energy looking for?

To offer customers best in class service solutions to improve reliability, safety, and sustainability of their power assets by involving creativity, experience and technology.

Electrical substations are core to the electricity distribution networks. Millions of substations serve as interconnection points between generation, transmission, distribution, and customers. High (>60 kV) and medium (20-60 kV) voltage substations are critical assets in the power sector and will be the backbone of the entire energy system with lifecycles of more than 30 years.

Aging components cause risks of failures, affecting essential power supply across countries. Major failures cause expensive power breaks and potentially serious incidents with fires and explosions. Many of the electricity substations are very old and located in difficult surroundings, many of them belong to the public network, while others are located in industrial facilities.

Like most infrastructure, electrical substations benefit from digitalization and the use of sophisticated technology when it comes to safety, security, control, maintenance, and repair. While most modern substations are digitalized, older ones are not, and physical inspections remain the only way to control them. These inspections require experts and extensive traveling, making it a long and expensive process.

Hitachi Energy is continuously developing new services in this area. As an example, they recently launched Reliability Space™, where they help customers around the world in their work to deliver electricity in a resilient, secure, and safe way.

Hitachi Energy is now looking for innovative ways to make inspections of electrical substations more interactive with customers and therefore more efficient, be it faster, more precise, less frequent – or another solution you might have!

Who can apply?

It is great if you know what a substation is – but you do NOT have to be an electrical expert to join this challenge! We are looking for fresh ideas and experience from other applications and industries to improve our offering. 

Hitachi Energy is looking to fund up to three minimum viable products (MVPs), each with a budget of ~20 kUSD.  

To apply, your company should meet the following criteria:

– Be a registered company, not publicly listed
– Be able to deliver an MVP project within defined time & budget

– Have an  agile company culture

Please note that you may only apply with solutions where you have full freedom to operate, and where you do not infringe on any other party’s IP rights.

Do not submit or communicate any secret information at this stage.


Dec 5, 2021: Deadline to submit application
Dec 8-10, 2021: Presentation of shortlisted applications (40 min online)

Dec 17, 2021: Contracts agreed and signed, ready to start implementation
Dec 2021-Feb 2022: Implementation phase

Mar 2022: Report and present results

Dec 5, 2021
Dec 8-10, 2021
Dec 13-17, 2021
Dec 2021-Feb 2022
Mar 2022

Deadline to register application

Presentation of shortlisted applications (40 min online)

POV contracts agreed and signed, ready to start implementation 

POV implementation phase

Report and present POV results, agree on next steps

How to Apply

Application process

Step 1: Register your company in the Registration Form below. After review and approval by Hitachi Energy, we will send you a mail with access to a pre-recorded video with Tim Schneider, providing additional details of the challenge, and a link to the Application Form. Note that this is manual process and could take a day or so before you receive the mail, as it involves a review of your input and a verification that your company is relevant for the challenge.

Step 2: Submit your suggested project ideas via the Application Form (link provided in step 1) by Dec 5th.


Evaluation process

– We are evaluating incoming applications continuously, and short-listed applications will be contacted for an online presentation of your company and suggested solution.

– For selected applications, we aim at having contracts agreed and signed by Dec 17, allowing for implementation work to be initiated.

– Selected projects should be completed and verified by the end of Feb 2022. We will support and follow your progress through the implementation phase, to help solve outstanding questions and issues.

– Actual results, achieved KPIs and expected ROIs are to be presented during the first half of March 2022 to identify and discuss further scaling potential.

Selection Criteria

Scalability – Ability to implement and scale internationally

Impact – Relevant and desired improvements for Hitachi Energy, be it improved customer interaction, reduced work effort, increased efficiency, or other

Return On Investment – What and how fast is the expected value realized

Compatibility – Offering compatible with Hitachi Energy values and offering

Feasibility Ability to verify results by end of Feb 2022

Energy Tech Mission Team

Tim Schneider
Global Product Mgr,
Hitachi Energy

Christoffer Jonsson
Business Dev & Innovation,
Hitachi Energy

Magnus Melander
Evangelist, THINGS

Linda Krondahl

Hitachi Energy

Hitachi Energy is a global technology leader that is advancing a sustainable energy future for all. They serve customers in the utility, industry, and infrastructure sectors with innovative solutions and services across the value chain. Together with customers and partners, they pioneer technologies and enable the digital transformation required to accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral future. 


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